Working towards a healthier me.

A few months ago I posted about how it was time to change. Although I gave it my best efforts at the time, my new ‘healthy lifestyle’ didn’t last long. I think looking back I was expecting too much too soon. Nancy was only six weeks old at the time, I tried running and it really hurt my knees, I also found ‘dieting’ to be tough so I kind of put things on the back burner and then a few weeks ago I felt ready. So on the 21st May 2014 I walked into my first ever Slimming World meeting and I am so glad I did. It has been 7 weeks and I have lost 14lbs – I love the Slimming World plan and can honestly say I haven’t felt deprived at all. It is not a diet, it is a way of living and one that can suit all the family, I love that we can all share the same meals, which is what makes it different to everything else I have tried. My husband follows the plan at home with me and he has dropped 19lbs himself!

On the 21st June 2014, I ran the race for life. It was hard and I probably walked more than I ran, it was the first time I had run since my previous attempts had failed and although it was hard I finished the 5k and I enjoyed it, I decided then to retry running, using the 5k runner app, I have been running every 2-3 days since, the app runs for 8 weeks and is based on you running three times a week, it starts as a combination of running and walking with the running stretches gradually getting longer as the days go on. I am now mid way through week 3 and can already see a difference from day 1. I also feel my weight loss has helped with my running.


This morning I completed my first Park Run which is a 5k run (the same length as the race for life) it was still hard and I did have to walk at times but I shaved 3 minutes off my time Race for life time,  which I am really proud of.

To help keep me focused I have created an instagram account – @projectmrs_c

I will pop the odd post up on here still but I will mainly post about my progress and journey over on instagram so it would be lovely to see you over there!

Thanks for reading!

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