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I was delighted when I was recently given the opportunity to review some of the miamoo range. Having a newborn I wasn’t sure what products (if any) were suitable due to babies having such delicate skin, so I took the time to visit the miamoo website and to read up on their products. miamoo was founded by a mother of two Saira Khan, who after struggling with dry skin for many years herself decided to take matters into her own hands and research the different products available.  You can read Saira’s full story and learn more about what goes into the miamoo range here.

We were sent the miamoo travel pack to review. Included in the pack is:

1 x wash flannel

splashy wash 30ml – refreshing citrus shower / body wash

fresh locks 30ml – soothing shampoo for shiny bouncy locks

baba oil 30ml – heavenly oil, great for hair, body and baby massage

huggy lotion 30ml – a non greasy daily moisturiser

spritz and wipe 30ml – a refreshing citrus spritz packed with minerals that has multi uses

cheeky cream 10ml – a natural barrier cream great for adults and babies


These products make up a 3 step process, which is…

step one: exfoliating wash

 - fresh locks 3-in-1 wash

- splashy wash for body and bath

- spritz and wipe

step two: moisturise

- huggy lotion

- cheeky cream

step three: massage

- baba oil

We have used the products as part of the 3 step process and also some as a one off.

We first tried the splashy wash and fresh locks, the first thing that stood out to me was the amazing smell, it instantly filled the bathroom and was really fresh, yet calming, the splashy wash also foams up really well creating lots of bubbles as does the fresh locks and one thing that I really liked about them is that you don’t have to use much to get good results.



Once out the bath and all dry I applied huggy lotion followed by baba oil,  I spent time massaging this into the skin and it really seems to help Nancy in particular settle down before bed. If for whatever reason I haven’t bathed the girls on any particular day then I have been using the spritz and wipe to freshen them up before bed.


Since introducing the miamoo products to our bedtime routine it has improved it incredibly, Nancy is so calm that she is asleep within minutes of being laid in her crib, of course this could be a complete coincidence but I’m so happy to finally be having some quiet time in the evening and a good nights sleep myself that I’ll definitely be continuing our bedtime routine with them.

I have also used a couple of the products on Gracie who is currently potty training and has recently started going to the toilet herself, despite her best efforts she doesn’t always clean herself as well as she should which can make her a little sore, so we decided to try the cheeky cream on her one night before bed and found that this cleared her soreness up almost completely by the next morning. I also find the spritz and wipe excellent for ensuing that she stays fresh throughout the day especially if she has any accidents and would go as far to say that this is my favourite product, simply because of its multi uses, it really is an handy addition to my changing bag.

Gracie loves using the huggy lotion , she is always helping herself to the various moisturisers that I keep in my bedroom so it’s nice for me to not have to worry about what she’s putting on her skin and she loves having her own ‘special’ moisturiser.


The travel pack currently retails at £15.00 and is perfect for when you are going away, or to keep in your changing bag, I also think it would make a lovely gift. I have also found that through using miamoo on Gracie and Nancy that my own hands are also feeling the benefits as they feel much softer than they did before so I will definitely be checking out the miamoo range soon for my own use!

If you would like to try miamoo for yourself then you can purchase any of their products directly from their website and what’s more is you can enter the promotional code Blog13 into the checkout and this will you give you 10% off your purchase! Try it for yourselves but I don’t think you will be disappointed!

Disclaimer: I was sent the miamoo travel pack free of charge for the purpose of this review however all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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